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a group, preferably of bitches, more than 5.
NBA Star Dikembe Mutombo always travels with a gaggle of bitches.
by Moz April 21, 2005
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A group of gays, usual has about 4 or 5 guys in it.
I walked into Starbucks and saw a gaggle in the corner people watching with judging eyes.
by GayOutAndAbout March 09, 2017
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The act of making a female laugh while giving a blow job, thereby causing here to giggle and gag.
I raised my eyebrows when she swallowed the whole length and my expression made her gaggle.
by mahzy! August 29, 2009
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When a girl deapthroats a dick so far she starts to gargle as she's gagging.

Also, when she makes bird noises as she's swallowing cock.
"So I gave her the full twelve inches and she started to gaggle."

"Dude, she was gaggling too loud last night when I gave her the D!"
by Hobo Phil March 25, 2013
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