a group, preferably of bitches, more than 5.
NBA Star Dikembe Mutombo always travels with a gaggle of bitches.
by Moz April 21, 2005
A group of lesbians. Usually 5 or more traveling in a lesbian pack.
Oh shit! A whole gaggle of lesbians! Call for backup!
by gagglegirl25 May 17, 2012
When a girl deapthroats a dick so far she starts to gargle as she's gagging.

Also, when she makes bird noises as she's swallowing cock.
"So I gave her the full twelve inches and she started to gaggle."

"Dude, she was gaggling too loud last night when I gave her the D!"
by Hobo Phil March 26, 2013
a group of 3-7 girls that follow around a popular guy at school, work or another social network.
quarterback: god, this is getting crazy!
male friend: what?
quarterback: all of these girls following me around.
male friend: oh so you have a gaggle.
by ilovrustyshackleford November 27, 2013
any adjective to describe how much
i had a gaggle of it.
by jerk October 3, 2003
A collection of mentally challenged adults, generally 3 or more.
Holy shit, that gaggle of retards almost got me.
by Joblaska May 1, 2014