The act of swaffling (smacking your penis against something) fast and furiously between a woman's breasts. Similar to motorboating but with a penile element.
You could motorboat your girlfriend, but may derive more pleasure from pontooning her instead. Just make sure it is ok to ejaculate in her cleavage before doing so.
by Ryanandluciana April 24, 2013
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When a person rub's there face in another person's ass vigorously!
Kiersten : Hey Chad wanna come to my place during lunch hour and motorboat my soft puffy breast's?
Chad: Sorry Jim want's me to go to join him at the park and Pontoon him!
Kiersten : Ok that's fuckin gross why would you want to do that?
Chad : Hey he's my boss and I have to do what he say's besides I usually kiss his ass all day long anyway what's the difference!
Kiersten: True you must do what he say's by the way are you gay?
Chad: NO!!! but I am bi curious!
Kiersten : Well at least you still like girls!
Chad : For sure!
by SlopNChop February 20, 2017
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sounds like a dirty word but its actually a marine engineering term for containers fastened together to support a floating bridge, boat or plane
She sunned her voluptuous body on the pontoon bridge across the pond.
by mandingoe May 5, 2004
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When a female takes Viagra causing a reaction of Clitoral/Labial swelling; resembling a Pontoon Boat.
Jennifer: My girlfriend and I tried pontooning last night!
Debra: Oh my goodness you gotta boat?!
Jennifer: Noo no no, we both took Viagra and watched our shit swell up, it was like two huge fat pontoon boats!
by MascGlittersaurus June 10, 2017
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Equivalent to pwned, owned, j00d, laviowned, etc.
"Oh, you got pontooned."
by Cameron November 8, 2005
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The part of a catameran that keeps it afloat on the water. A catameran has two pontoons that are shaped like canoes. They are connected by a platform that the person sailing the boat sits on.
Without pontoons, a catameran would not be able to sail.
by zanny May 27, 2004
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Blowing furiously onto the fatty portion of a man's testicles, producing a loud bubbly sound.
After her lover motorboated her breasts, she started pontooning him furiously.
by catmontty January 6, 2015
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