The act of slapping something with a semi-erect penis. It's derived from the Dutch verb "swaffelen".

In 2008 it won the title "Dutch word of the year" in a yearly held competion where the Dutch speaking public can vote online which new word, that originated in that year, they liked the most.
It had gotten a lot of media attention because a Dutch student "swaffled" the Taj Mahal on a school trip; and got expelled from his school for that action.

Recently Brittish carshow host Jeremy Clarkson mentioned it in a talkshow (BBC Qi), where he gave the definition: "To bang your penis against the Taj Mahal".

He also mentioned the word on the fifth episode of the new carshow "The Grand Tour" which was hosted from a tent in Rotterdam (the Netherlands).
The Dutch boy that boasted about swaffling the Taj Mahal on his school trip got expelled from his school.
by Kjanneke December 18, 2016
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The action of a swelling, throbbing penis.
The Penis was swaffling right before it came on my face.
by unicornjizz February 16, 2012
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"to bang your gentleman sausage on the side of the Taj Mahal"
That guy just swaffled!
by Trevor P.B December 28, 2022
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To take ones penis and slap backwards and forwards across a partner's face in a repetitive manner. Can result in eye injury.
Hey look at Roderick giving Helene a good swaffle! He must really like her.
by Captain Picards February 4, 2008
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to hit something or someone with a half-erected (very important!) penis. the word was invented in Belgium - in the Flemish part of the country, where a variaton of Dutch is spoken. And yes, they're very proud of it.

A swaffler can always be spoted because it attracts pink elefants. to keep safe from them, always carry a green mouse with you.

There is a difference between a Brussel's waffle and a Brussel's swaffle
I shall swaffle you. God wills it!
by NoMoustacheOverHere March 29, 2011
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the act of cock-slapping a girl or any other object, original word originated from Dutch culture
Sin told his girlfriend to close her get on her knees and close her eyes. She did and he swaffled her. She broke up with him.
by sinnyboy January 24, 2010
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To slap your dick across someone's face.
Tom gave Jill a swaffle during sex last night.
by Mad_Hatter1590 March 29, 2018
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