Often used to go to USA to the UK, and vice versa. Basically, an other word for the Atlantic Ocean

"I'm going across the pond in February, it'll be great!"
by Goose-UK April 30, 2008
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TransAtlantic; referring to a country on the opposite side of the Atlantic from the country where this is said. E.G. in America, saying "across the pond" would usually refer to England, and vice versa. However, it could also refer to Africa or continental Europe.
And when I do some broadcasting across the pond, I have to speak with my best British accent or they won't pay attention to me.
by jengajam24 April 16, 2010
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He flew across the pond to find out whether chicks there are really so hot. And yep, they were.
by necrotism May 21, 2006
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When you pee into a girls umbilicus (belly button) then proceed to ejaculate over the "pond" onto her chest
dude, you're not gonna believe that i went "across the pond" on janet.
by xLGx August 15, 2008
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When you have a sex puddle in your bed so you can't get close you gotta reach across the pod to touch her.
We were laying there, post coitus, and I had to reach across the pond to give rubs.
by Gnooferbobin May 12, 2019
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