70 definitions by Cameron

when one is so drunk or beyond drunk if you will
yo kid i was so jammmmeeeddd last night!
by Cameron March 31, 2004
one who displays characteristics of shablam; one who is or is characterized by being like Hy or Cameron
Cameron and Hy are complete shablamici.
by Cameron November 25, 2003
federation internationale de l'automobile. A larger association that basically governs many motor sports including formula 1 and the wrc.
The FIA has set out new rules for formula 1.
by Cameron November 22, 2004
This is what happens when you get really drunk, shit yourself, and don't remember it the next day. Extra points awarded when wjowsa is found in the noun form of the word on furniture or walls/ceilings.
Andy's parents walked in as he wajowsaed in the kitchen sink. Andy was so drunk last night he left wjowsa in the dinning room chair.
by Cameron January 14, 2005
1. what porn stars are paid to do
2. what most people like to do for money or for pleasure
3. to fuck
side effects: orgasms babies
i had sex with a really hot chick last night
by Cameron June 25, 2003
During sex, when a partner is in a doggy style position, you punch their kidneys at the same time as hard as one can.
by Cameron May 4, 2004