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She is a girl that is very crazy -(hyper). She is a good friend to people . She use to get bullied by people but, now they look at her now and see her better. She is also, a smart girl that anyone is lucky to have.
Kylani is so pretty.

Kylani is ok but I like her style and her Personality .

Kylani is my friend don’t mess with her.
by zanny October 19, 2018
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An expression used when someone is tired of talking about something; another way of saying, "Ok, this conversation is pointless, let's talk about something else."
Sally: Oh my God, Pam is sooooo annoying. She always....

15 Minutes later

Sally: I can't believe that anyone could be as annoying as her...
Donna: Yeah. Well, I'm over it.
by zanny May 28, 2004
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A term used to describe how a person dances.
Everyone in the club was groovin' to the music.
by zanny May 25, 2004
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Otherwise known as the University of California, Santa Cruz
Sally worked hard at Camp UCSC spending every waking moment concentrating on her surfing, yoga, and theatre art classes.
by zanny May 25, 2004
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The part of a catameran that keeps it afloat on the water. A catameran has two pontoons that are shaped like canoes. They are connected by a platform that the person sailing the boat sits on.
Without pontoons, a catameran would not be able to sail.
by zanny May 27, 2004
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Another term for a cowboy or a person that has any association to horses. They are usually picked out of a crowd by their cowboy hats, baseball caps and wranglers.
If you went to Willits High School you would definitely know a lot of hicks.
by zanny May 27, 2004
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When someone goes all the way down the ski slope on their snowboard on their heal side, taking the mountain with them.
When Jack found himself amongst an entire slope of moguls he gave up on carving and snow plowed down the mountain.
by zanny May 27, 2004
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