To pony is to settle an argument or conflict in a way that no one can argue further or continue.
Keep running your month and you will get ponied.
by Acidtopic September 20, 2017
1 (n): A loser, tool, or person of lower standing
2 (v): a) to own or humiliate through defeat b) to spam text through a chat program (especially in IRC) with the word "pony" or similar phrases, implying that an individual or group is a pony

Originated in #team-de on
1. Man, what a pony; he was still buying when we planted.
2. a) We ponied them pretty good, they forfieted after the half. b) #hellx got ponied hard, but then we all got banned.
by sKratch August 8, 2004
A general positive epithet or interjection. Like awesome, sweet, rad, etc.
That sandwich was pony.
by Agamid September 20, 2009
a ponys wiener when he has a hard penile
when i went to feed the pony he tackled me and tried to throw his ponis in my anal cavity
by johnny p March 23, 2003
A ponytail on a guy.

Derived from POnytail + peNIS.
Billy-Bob used to have a ponis, but he now looks much more sophisticated with his mullet.
by isthisthingonorwhat March 31, 2005
Related to someone's amount of being whipped while in a relationship or just by someone that they're sleeping with. When you only want farmer Joe's carrot and no one elses.

Worst type: Circus Pony
"Jesus Shannon you are such a pony"
by Notapony April 10, 2008