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To pony is to settle an argument or conflict in a way that no one can argue further or continue.
Keep running your month and you will get ponied.
by Acidtopic September 20, 2017
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Originated while playing DOTA, used as a taunt after killing a player character. First used by dota player MyLittlePonies around summer 2004.
by Moose_411 June 28, 2005
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(adj.) Describing the state of someone's work computer after co-workers prank it if it's left unlocked. Often the desktop wallpaper, Windows event sounds, IM away messages, email signatures, etc. are changed to a My Little Pony theme.
"Aw man, I left my computer unlocked and it now it's ponied. Now I gotta spend 30 minutes getting it back the way it was."
by m1L33tL3PWny November 10, 2006
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owned but worse. originated when I made it up while talking with friends in early 2004 while discussing the hilarity of people typing pwned instead of owned. i made the jump and pronounced it with a "p" and it evolved into ponied. which was fitting since we know a guy that goes by pony, and he thinks he owns everyone. again, i want to reinstate that i made this up, not this other n00b prof. walrus. ponies all other sites!
by appleburger April 28, 2005
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