(adj.) Describing the state of someone's work computer after co-workers prank it if it's left unlocked. Often the desktop wallpaper, Windows event sounds, IM away messages, email signatures, etc. are changed to a My Little Pony theme.
"Aw man, I left my computer unlocked and it now it's ponied. Now I gotta spend 30 minutes getting it back the way it was."
by m1L33tL3PWny November 10, 2006
Canadian slang for an Umbrella which only 'posh urbanites' tend to use.
It was raining, and I was afraid of my hair getting ruined, so I brought my pony to the party.
by J013rt1 May 21, 2013
you're a pony
let's do it
ride my pony
my saddle's waiting...

-- ginuwine
by Silky Smooth April 29, 2004
Something that is so awesome and wayy gucci that it is was worthy of staying gold as like Pony Boy Curtis (from the movie and novel 'The Outsiders') was advised to do. If you think it has potential to stay gold that is something that is real pony and it needs to be nominated as having gold potential.
Johnny: this sunset is real pony.. I want it go stay gold. Whaddayou think -man??
Pony Boy Curtis: Johnny, yknow mann..- nothing gold stays.. But that sunset IS real pony, so yknow what I think? Maybe it could be on its way, Johnny.
by y'shua November 3, 2019
A member of the equine family that measures up to 14.3hh. No taller. Anything above 14.3hh is classes as a hack, park hack etc.
Novice pony ring at an ODE etc,

"Daddy, I want another pony."
by horses_are_my_life May 12, 2007
The act of placing your penis in some sort of box, then telling small children, "There's A Pony In there," leading them to open the box to a big surprise.
R. Kelly, whilst holding a box near his crotch, told the small girl, "There's a Pony in there."
by Lester Dechildren September 8, 2006
(v.t.) usually with "up", especially when referring to money, often in card games and other gambling

possibly from the Spanish /poner/ meaning (but with the generally opposite sense of "down"):
put down
lay down
set down
"OK... the game is Texas Hold 'Em, Jacks or better.... Pony Up!"
by bob 'a' March 25, 2004