The area code of those living off the island of Montreal but still in the surrounding area such as Laval.
Kid 1: Yo you guys are from Laval?!?
Kid 2: Damn straight, we up in da 450!!!
by Andrew Couto June 28, 2006
any 450cc dirtbike, which are the sickest bikes out
kid 1: he just got a 450!

kid 2: stupid fucks gonna kill himself
by anonymousdnpojnfgspodhgf August 20, 2008
segregation between the south and the north. Lived in the North and south
by Yankee 450 May 22, 2006
Fire, lit, dope, cool, awsome, heated, etc.
This new Logic song is preheated to 450°.
Are you good dude? You look preheated to 450°.
by zackduuh September 17, 2017
Wrestling move that can only be performed from the top rope in wich a wrestler flips forward in such a way, that his body describes a 450 degree angle only to land over his opponent (splashing him).
Paul London and Jeff Hardy do incredible 450 splashes.

The 450 splash must be seen to fully understand it (words don't do it justice).
by HMS December 31, 2005
imma give u a lick u nigger! “I didn’t get a lick of work done today because my boss kept calling me in for meetings.” “Mash that green button and turn on the computer.” u a piddly/piddlin lookin fucker yeeee haw real truck for real hicks built ford nigegr
imma take my "Ford F-450" to the annual hick-off feller yeeeee haw
by realhick123bringbacktheolddays November 29, 2016
The act of accomplishing or doing something with the result of impressive success.
Matt: Hey man, how'd your interview go?
Dan: Took that shit 450 dead center.
by The Storm1 October 10, 2018