Roll up

Roll up

The circus ..

Is in town ..

On high trapeze… it’s obvious … WMK

Strong man .. Goliath …

Ring master .. (hehe) .. stalker boy

The clown … the only decent act

Yes I’m really taking the piss now …

I will carry on as long as necessary..

But that’s just baying to the crowd …

Sigh oh sigh …

This account needs to die …
Circus … maybe I need to run away and join one :)
by LetsTalkAboutX January 11, 2023
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"I can't believe we thought Ashe was speaking in morse code. We really are clowns in a circus."
by Tommo Circus September 5, 2020
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A Harleen.

A person who is a whole ass clown and is butthurt over every little thing and cannot take a fucking joke.
"Omg Harleen is a whole fucking circus"
by Thisbitchassthot August 29, 2019
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An event designed to horrify the young with grotesquely painted clowns, grunting animals, and cheap popcorn that stains teeth orange. Known worldwide to be an advanced technique of torture for those who are afraid of clowns.
"We will take you to the damn circus if you continue to act out, Jimmy."
"Sally went to the circus and was never the same again."
"Getting raped isn't as bad as getting raped by a Clown."
"Sammy and Jimmy went to the circus and were mauled by an elephant."
by Thomas W November 29, 2007
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1. A big place where kids like to go because people stick needles threw their body...and they live!

2. The place where runaways go.

3. The tent with stripes where clowns work.
1. "Hey mommy! I wanna go to the circus and see the guy stick needles threw his brain again!"

"Honey, we just saw it five minutes ago..."


2. John ranaway to the circus at the age of 12. He hated his life and his parents. He started working there as a clown, but he died when one of the radioactive burning logs caught fire to his hair.

3. This is the tent where the clowns live. They have awesome huge red noses and puffy hair, kinda like Ben Wallace. They can make you dog balloons. Go Clowns!
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Intense. Get it? Like In-tents, but it's really intense. It is a synonym for intense as a circus is in tents. So, it could be intense. It's a pun, play on words or a word game. See Camping
Dude, that roller-coaster was a circus. It was gnarly.
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