A term used to characterize a person/thing.
by wayne man June 21, 2005
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A epithet is a word that is attached to someone’s soul giving them a power.
Anyone have a epithet. This girl right here soooo cool what is. Oh it’s dumb help me out kid what is it’s dumb
by Sixwashere August 2, 2022
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A modernized term for the N-Word. Rockstar Games coined the term when they used it in place of the N-Word when remaking the popular “Lamar’s entrance” scene from the earlier version of GTA V.
Knock Know my Politically Incorrect Racial Epithets, what that shit do?”
by 6foot6butstillnohoes May 26, 2022
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1.- a descriptive syntagma used to express a feature of someone or something.
2.- used in poetry reffering to an implicit adjetive complementing a noun. Breaks the maxim of quantity.
3.- Offensive word.
1.- Jeff "the Killer".
2.- Vegan tomatoes.
3.- Stop shouting racial epithets at Allen, Arnold.

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by BuzzoDre June 25, 2023
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