Another word for cigarette. Used when you don't want someone to know that you smoke. Usually around kids or your parents. Simply say the word "pony" when you want one and others will follow.
I could really use a pony.

Is it pony time?

Lets have a pony?
by GrChRo April 8, 2011
Traditional Nickname in the Royal Navy & Royal Marines given to anyone with the surname MOORE after
George Washington "Pony" Moore (1820-1909)
'Pony' Moore ran the Magpie Music Hall (Battersea) and later formed the Moore and Burgess Minstrels (an offshoot of the Christy Minstrels and very famous in the mid-19th century) He was the father of 'Charlie' Mitchell - Heavyweight boxer and the greatest Barroom fighter of the 19th Century.
Pony Moore was a well known sporting character who allegedly always bet in "ponies" (betting slang for a sum of £25).
"Does Pony want anything from the NAAFI? He's on Dog Watch tonight so could probably do with a bit of Nutty"
by Lewey May 12, 2008
People Of No Influence. Person Of No Influence.
'He wants everyone to think he's the gatekeeper to the committee but he's just a PONI'
by habseligkeiten August 10, 2017
n: a male acting like a jerk and disrespecting the female that he is in a relationship with. A pony does not have the balls of a real man to step up the game with his girl. He is unstable with his emotions and the signals he sends and is too scared to be a real man. He is the opposite of a stallion.
(1)"This guy is never direct about how he feels and has absolutely no game."

"Ugh, he's such a pony!"

(2) "I didn't have enough courage to tell her how I really feel."

"Damn, you pulled a pony!"
by Noname987 March 31, 2010
Tyler Lettieri
Yo I got a group of fine chicks that wanna come chill but Tyler wants to stay home and wack his meat. He's a damn pony!
by rasti man August 4, 2011
1. Adj. Weak; lame; pussy; pathetic; stupid; retarded, idiot, dumb-ass comical in its sheer idiocy or feebleness. Subpar;
2. A really lame object/person or action
3. With gamers, it usually refers to the lame actions or ineffective gameplay referring to the awkwardness of their movements or lack of coordination while playing and thus getting owned.
4. Used when frustrated as well when the pony is the source of the frustration
1."Man that guy was a total pony"
2."What a pony ass nigga"
3. "That movie was totally pony"
4. "That team was a bunch of ponies."
5. "They all played like a bunch of ponies"
6. "I havent seen so many ponies since a horse show"
7. "Man pony"
8. "Dammit why did you have to act like/ be such a pony. "
by D.Griffin June 6, 2007
A Pony is a girl who wears a lot of makeup, does up her hair every day, wears really fancy clothes everywhere, and obnoxiously large and sparkly jewelry in order to hide the fact that underneath all of that she is just an ugly little horse.
Garrett: Who is more of a Pony, Kim Kardashian or Snooki from the Jersey Shore?

Gary: Wait what do you mean they are both totally hot.

Garrett: Yeah, you would say that you are a total Pony Kisser.
by King BookRock August 12, 2011