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Homestar Runners Main Man. From the Isle of Pom, where he has 27 girlfriends. He has a quick wit and an IQ that is off the scales. He's genrally a nice guy. He also speaks only in bubbles. *bubble bubble bubble*
by Neosim February 18, 2003
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A 4 1/2" cigar that has a slightly tapered head. They are
Produced by Swisher International Inc. in Jacksonville FL.
And are available in cartons, packs of five and singles.

to note:
Not being of terribly impressive tobacco quality the Pom- Pom's best use is for rolling blunts-which they excel at.
let's roll to Mac's; pick up a couple Pom-Pom and we'll roll some blunts wiht this big bag of endo i got rollin.
by j-frilla tha bomb dilla March 20, 2008
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a relationship in which two people like each other but refuse to admit it to each other or make a move.
M and P are such pom poms, they refuse to admit they like each other!
by The healthelf January 04, 2008
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Pressing your sack over your partner's eyes so that there is a nut covering each eye.
Last night I sat on John's head and gave him a pom pom.
by YAK037 February 18, 2009
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A Pom from the Island of Pom,said to be the best Pom.
Best friends with Homestar Runner.
He makes bubble noises.
"Sewiously,Pom-Pom..." said Homestar.
"Bubble bubble bubble" said Pom-Pom.
by TheWiggidy April 22, 2004
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The best cigar to roll a blunt with. Very flexible so its easy to roll. You can bend this shit in half and it wont break.
"Lets go pick up a couple pom poms so we can smoke this weed."
by Puck002 September 14, 2009
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Large, floating circle with circular limbs. Has a great wit, is strong, and once got in a knife fight with Coach Z.
Caoch Z
Pom Pom! What is up my main man! My dawg! My ace-in-the-hole!
-Homestar Runner
by Zach G. October 26, 2003
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