A small town in Southern Mass, between Dartmouth and New Bedford. If you grew up there...You know what a jucket is. You played kick the can and sniffed gas as a kid. Truth or dare and spin the bottle at age 11. Home of the Pink eyed Pittsleys...and DeMoranvilles. Far from free...
I went to Freetown to go swimming in my cousins pool. It was wicked awesome!!!
by DJ Weezy May 23, 2008
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the town in massachusetts between lakeville and assonet- prime farmland owned by hardworking genuine people. commonly known as "the town where beig happy is free." school busses dont stop at railroad tracks, and the kids attend apponequet in highschool- the most unorganized institution in america. known for good bonfires, good food and awesome hunting. it is made up by strong families and they will always have their friends'backs.
freetown massachusetts is a location in southern massachusetts
by stupid yuppies May 2, 2015
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