pom pom is a character in homestarrunner.com

his head.arms.and legs are orange has no mouth speaks in bubble language and wears tripes on him and has a cell phone
here is the isle of pom.
on it,lives the poms.
pom pom is the best pom.
he loves his mom and dad.
he is very patriotic.
he feeds his dog everyday.
he treats his neighboors with respect.
he doesnt play with matches.
we all love pom pom too.
by John Fru November 23, 2003
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A pom from the Isle of Pom. Has 27 girlfriends. A genius and friend of Homestar Runner.
:No example,just some bubbling noises:
by Homestar_fan June 23, 2003
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When a drunk gentleman takes a drunk female home and is given fellatio. Before the gentleman ejaculates the female vomits from the deep throat.
Hey did you hear Nic got Pompomed last night!
by Markush February 04, 2017
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A fun word to greet your friends or known ones.
Basically a hello, good morning or good night.
Pompoms ppl!

Pompoms! How have u been?
by Shwim August 02, 2019
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He's a big orange bubble with a yellow stripe on his tummy. His arms, legs, and head are orange ovals.
He talks like bubble noises, and nice, intelliagent, has a lot of friends!
by Jeff November 04, 2003
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