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Homestar Runners Main Man. From the Isle of Pom, where he has 27 girlfriends. He has a quick wit and an IQ that is off the scales. He's genrally a nice guy. He also speaks only in bubbles. *bubble bubble bubble*
"Pom-pom, my main man"
by Neosim February 18, 2003

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A nocturnal dragonman who is maybe just a dragon. Burninates peasants, "the countryside" and thatch roof cottages.
Trogdor was a man, he was a dragon man, or maybe he was just a dragon, but he was still Trogdor!
by Neosim February 17, 2003

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A cross between a Shitzu and a Poodle
Meet my dog, It's a Shittle.
by Neosim April 24, 2004

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