Chinese man: Waiter, this chicken is rubbery!
Waiter: Thankyou sir
by sydney______shaw February 8, 2010
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A word that stupid people use when they can't think of the word "flexible".
Person one: Is rubbery a word?
Person two: You mean flexible?
Person one: Fuck you.
by lskdfjsdl December 5, 2008
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We got all rubbery last night going through Andy's liquor stash.
by the jerky October 14, 2009
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take muscle relaxants or other magic pharmaceuticals 'for your health', providing a rubbery feeling similar to being drunk, but with a bit more clarity.
fuck those beers lets' get rubbery!

she got rubbery on quaaludes, then stripped; and ground the poison out of him
by michael foolsley December 11, 2009
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Slang. Refers to the flaccid state of the penis after experiencing something that causes one to become unaroused.
"Strangers with this kind of honesty make me go a big rubbery one, if you know what I mean."
by monobrau May 2, 2008
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A nickname given to dolphins do to their promiscuous nature and underwater agility.
Woah, look at those fins on that rubbery sex torpedo!
by TreesAreFood May 8, 2012
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n. Something unpleasant. This term implies that whatever it is refering to is as bad as being anally fornicated with a 'big rubbery one'.
"I just got two cavities filled today. That dentist visit was definately a big rubbery one".

"This 9pm class is gonna be a big rubbery one."
by TransMayernik July 13, 2005
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