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A form of capital punishment in which weight is applied to the victim gradually. Sometimes if they divulge certain information, the weights will be lifted. In the last ten years gangs have began to bring it back into fashion. Giles Dory, in the 1692 salem trials, is known to have said, "More weight, please" as they added the last lethal stone.
Thug: Yo, boy, you keep talkin' shit we gon' press yo ass.
Punk: OH GOD PRESSING! *urinates on himself*
by Steagles February 12, 2006
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Large breasted ladies pressing their mammaries up against frosted glass for the benefit and entertainment of (normally male) viewers on the other side. Unfrosted glass and unharnessed mammaries are rewarded with more points by the viewers.
"Look at that lass with the large charlies pressing them up against that shower door."

"Oh yes, 5 whole points, double if she had a nice pair"
by Ricardo The Judge November 05, 2012
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I am feeling very pressing today I have a high hope off a pressed day ahead.
by twichemo November 24, 2016
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Pushing out a type of press (i.e. news/research) which is often misleading/click-bait.
Making it more important than it really is.
Same as 'making press'
A:The new just reported new study says pandas are aggressive and sex-crazed.
B: Jeez, can people stop pressing.
by StarryMayhem May 26, 2018
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