The ball of fringed wool on top of your toque
Looks like your toque lost it's pompom eh.
by Cool Blue North November 21, 2004
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A cute round orange ball that sound like popping bubbles when it talks... hes also Homestar runners best friend... He comes from the island of pom...
by Sofia June 12, 2003
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pom pom is a character in homestarrunner.com

his head.arms.and legs are orange has no mouth speaks in bubble language and wears tripes on him and has a cell phone
this is the isle of pom.
on it,lives the poms.
pom pom os the best pom.
by John Fru November 23, 2003
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Another term for a blunt. Small cigar that you hollow out and fill with marijuana. Not like a Royal blunt or Kingpin, more like a dry tobacco wrapper
"Yo homie, lace me another pom-pom to split. We need a blunt."
by Indica Blue April 12, 2007
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Pom-pom is homestar's best friend. He is a big orange balloon-like-guy and is very cool.
by coolpersonyo August 29, 2003
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A drink: mix equal amounts vodka and pomegranate juice with ice. Strain and add champagne.
by Marisa Taylor June 03, 2005
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