Pokin describes the act of sexual penetration; much like screwin is used.
A good pokin will ease a lot of stress; my lady needs a good pokin.
by BrianM October 5, 2005
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in reference to the sight of a gluteus Maximus of great size and magnitude. seeing a phat ass
damn shawty, yo shit is very POKIN
by ignt March 20, 2018
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to Poke somone in a very odd place, also refer to pokuanlin, or poklin
stop pokin me!
by kak March 27, 2003
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A teaser turd; shit that is not quite ready to come out
"I got a turtlehead pokin out me ass"
by Fat Bastard March 27, 2003
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When a girls ass is big and sticks out
Shawty ass be poking out in them shorts
by J Rova August 20, 2020
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Did you see that?" "Yeah, that's pokin'"
by marshh July 1, 2011
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catching the football with one hand while extending the arm; to spear the football
In the NFL, no one is better at pokin the pigskin than (name of NFL player).

He poked the pigskin (out of the air) like he was spearfishing
by jigme December 24, 2012
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