same as a girlfriend, only the female is a bit in her 30s or 40s. it's an "oldhead" term.
I took my lady to a movie the other day and we had a good time.
by naomi43 April 11, 2006
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your lady is your best friend. that one friend that acts like your girlfriend and everyone thinks u guys r gay. your lady slaps ur ass in a funny way. dont let your lady go.
hello my lady
by hailey is dead inside l January 16, 2020
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Regional catch phrase/slang from a few years back based on the title of this video that aired on Brookline public access in Massachusetts. Used differently by where a person believed they stood on the socio-economic ladder of the town.
Do I have more than one female? I've got women up and down Beacon. Hell, Brookline is my lady.
by Larry Culdish April 21, 2004
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the term Oh my lady gaga is a popular chinese expression used instead of oh my God. the Cosmopolitan magazine is calling it the expression of the moment (end of 2010)
Oh my Lady Gaga! this is awesome! she deepthroated all

omlg that's hot!
by Axel F l'As Multimegatonique October 19, 2010
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"Forever My Lady Boots" are the boots worn by the R&B group Jodeci in their Video "Forever My Lady." The shoes come half way up the leg and are mostly big and in dark colors. The shoe strings can be tied but sometimes are loose.
Example 1:

John: Dang, Them shoes are gigantic. You can stomp somebody with those.

Jack: These are my "Forever My Lady Boots"

Example 2:

Mark: Hey remember that Forever My Lady video Jodeci made.

Dawayne: Yeah, haaha remember those boots.

Mark: Those are "Forever My Lady Boots."
by Blublossom June 16, 2010
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An expression used in China to demonstrate suprise. Secretley created in a lab back in 2009. It's primary use is to destroy the English language.
Annie: Oh my lady gaga!
Hannah: what did you just say?
Annie: Oh my lady gaga! its like oh my god but cooler.
(Hannahs head then explodes)
by Lord_Hanson October 31, 2011
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