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An activity undertaken by males on the pull whereby the protagonist heads out to catch, ie take home, whatever he gets stuck on the end of his spear; indiscriminate hooking up with the opposite sex
'What's he doing talking to that munter?'
'Ah, Jimbo's just spearfishing tonight'
by Becca J W August 28, 2007
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n. The act of copulating. It is used metaphorically in which the spear symbolizes the falice and the fish symbolizes the female genitalia.
"I went spearfishing last night."
"I speared the fish last night."
"My dad and I went spearfishing together last weekend."
by T Castillo August 13, 2007
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Used to describe a male who is gay or is acting like a homosexual. Derived from the South Georgia expression, "spear-fishing for a doodoo shark."
Rob is a spear-fishing queer.
by Foard June 06, 2006
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