The ultimate sarcastic phrase with a southern twist. Often referred to as " My Ass" and can be willingly interchanged .Commonly used in the south where in the instant they're trying to bait you into stating your opinion on something which also happens to be wrong.

P2: who do you think has the best defense in the NFL
P1: The Eagles have the best defense in the league
P2(non usage): Best defense my ass!!
P2(usage): have the best defense me Ass
by DIMKI September 29, 2015
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A girl who puts down all other girls to make herself look better.
Mediocre Girl: “Hayley is so ugly

Boy: wow “‘Mediocre girl’ is such a pick me ass hoe”
by Ronnie_131 May 16, 2018
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A person who begs for the attention, acceptance and approval of a certain group in different things they say. In most case, it's to attain the attention, acceptance and approval of the opposite sex.
Woman: *lives her best life*

Pick Me ass bitch: "I don't drink, smoke, or have sex with random people like all the other females out there. Guess men only go for hoes instead of real women. I'm not like other girls..."
by Lroca February 9, 2020
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Someone who needs admiration and attention so badly, they put themselves on a pedestal and talk shit on others
"Hey man I'm pretty tired from working 12 hours today"

"That's fucking nothing, i run every morning and every evening on top of 15 hour shifts and scheduled gym time, pussy"

"Congrats you're a pick me ass bitch"
by cuntgobbler December 15, 2018
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When Scotsman & Scotswoman get horny they say a lot of things to do with ass for example "Put that cannonball right up me ass" As a Scotswoman loves that kind of stuff they say a thing like "fuck me ass". This can also be used as a sign that two are dating. Scotsmen will wear shirts that say "fuck me ass" on them
Scotsman: So ye want to get in me bed

Scotswoman: Sure!
Scotsman: So what do ye want?
Scotswoman: "Fuck me ass"


by soupguy21 May 2, 2017
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Pick me ass bitch is someone who likes to act like everyone else in hope that they'll gain a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend. Tries too hard to be everyone's friend. Always underneath someone's ass and is willing to make others look dumb just to be around someone's company.
Him: Who here is a virgin?
Her: Me, I've never even sucked dick before.
Another guy:That's a pick me ass bitch.
by Xim, the Poisonous bitch. July 30, 2017
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"A woman who supports the patriarchy because they benefit from it personally"
Whore that I am, Athena and Hera were such pick me ass bitches. I bet they wouldn't want to open Hidden Arsenal in a progression series.
by Leo Voltara September 7, 2021
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