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A welfare cheque for to go towards: Support a child,Food supplies,Apartment/House rent,Medicine or for Drug and Alcohol.
SpeakerBox:will Mr Walter report to station 6

Mr Walter:Time to go get my pogie
by Xero-Fyre October 12, 2005
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Unemployment insurance payments; used more by Canadians than Americans. More popular in US/CD border cities.
So I hear you got laid off and are on pogie now. Is that true that you are getting pogie?
by Slick W. August 11, 2008
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A word used, mainly on the east coast of Canada, to describe getting Employment Insurance .
Caper 1: Ya still workin out west bie? im lookin fer a name hire.
Caper 2: Nah, the boss came around asking fer layoffs i got my hours up so im home riding the pogie train.
Caper 1: Ahh fuck bud we gotta get a 24 on the go and smack some poppers.
Caper 2:Im thinking rails.
by Dalanc November 25, 2018
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A young girl who stays in bars. ussually good looking and gets free drinks
Her sexy ass goes to the Bar every weekend gets waisted and obnoxious, and doesn't spend a dime. What a pogie.
by Coonsasswholes February 14, 2014
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