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A person, male or female, who has gone off their rocker.
Man, that guy is so crazy, he has got to be a greentag!
by brad December 5, 2004
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A pathetic little white boy who strives to be black. Often uses words such as bling bling...
Usually doesnt make it past grade 9.
That kid is so waldi..
by brad September 26, 2003
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Thing that killed almost everyone in almost every play writen more than 200 years ago
Edipus thought he was cool but then he fucked his mom...that was his tragic flaw
by brad March 12, 2003
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1.) A complete ho-bag bitch
2.) A woman who is highly undesirable.
Dude, my girlfriend is such a bum bitch, she hooked up with a buncha guys last night.

That bum bitch was naggin on me all day.
by brad March 10, 2004
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Word Use to describe a Black and/or ugly person
"Thats One Grofie lookin person"
"Lets go hang s a Grofie"
by brad December 29, 2005
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when a gay man blindfolds a heterosexual male, has a female lure him into a room and has her say she is going to give him a blowjob, when, in fact, the gay man is going to give him a blow job.
man, i was pissed when gay johnny pulled an eli's trick on me last night
by brad March 21, 2004
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