232 definitions by brad

Slang for masturbation, especially in one's room, late at night.
Kevin is playing StarCraft in his room again!
by brad March 31, 2005
A person, male or female, who has gone off their rocker.
Man, that guy is so crazy, he has got to be a greentag!
by brad December 5, 2004
A wrinkle, crease, or fold in ones stomach.
Ahh! My stomach is full of rugas!
by brad June 10, 2003
drug overuse
i can pop more pills than ozzy ever could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by brad January 19, 2004
to throw-up, be sick, vomit, etc.
That motherfucker at the party was urchin' everywhere!
by brad January 23, 2004
that ass is packed with a multitude of flesh. a gaping butthole
man she got some junk in da trunk
by brad October 6, 2004