putting in your headphones to be left the fuck alone
I’m plugging up”
by Dried mango March 29, 2018
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When every hole in a persons body is being fucked all at once.
Boy: “What’s going on Stacy?”

Girl: “Ugh, I feel awful. I had my science group in my dorm last night and I got all plugged up. I might be pregnant. God, I feel so full.”
by BigBodyTyrone August 25, 2021
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To insert a big hard throbbing dick into someone or something as far or as deep in as you want
I’m tryna plug up balls deep in that bihh tonight I be all in her throat like “THROAT BABYYY!!”
by Test Her limit bruh December 30, 2021
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When you haven't ejacated for so long that you're pent-up and cranky.
"My husband was so plugged up after recovering from surgery for the last 2 weeks, so I decided to give him the wifey hand special."
by Stiffofdeth October 20, 2017
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When a girl takes 3 dicks in her mouth, 2 in her pussy, and 1 in her anus simultaneously.
Bob: Hey dude, you see that girl over there?
John: Yeah
Bob: She was was all Plugged up when i got there.
by GuidetoDouche May 5, 2014
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When a females blood cycle is occurring and she needs a tampon to keep it from bleeding.
Oh Stacy go plug it up!
by Abbs102.6 March 13, 2017
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