When someone is upset, anygry, or unhappy. Another word for "Pissed Off". Usually said in a non-offensive manner.
Wake me up and I'll get cranky
by tkkw March 1, 2005
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Why are you so cranky today? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
by Light Joker February 5, 2006
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bad-tempered, eccentric
are you being cranky?
by sara March 10, 2004
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Easily irritated, especially from being tired and especially in reference to a child (or at least someone who's patronized). One tends to be cranky at night (before needed sleep), while crabby soon after waking up.
Whiney child, at 10pm: Noooo! I wanna watch Dragonball Z!
Mother: Oh, looks like somebody's cranky! Someone needs to go to bed.
by Nuri Nutt January 5, 2007
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when a person drinks a shitload of alcoholic beverages and acts stupid and grumpy to such an extent that it becomes so much irritating that you really want to kick his ass then the person who drunk that shitload of alcoholic beverage is termed cranky.
Man 1 - "What happened to Man 3 there he turned really cranky?"
Man 2 - "Yeah, Man I really wanted to kick his ass!!"
by edit-o-r July 1, 2011
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Slang for a perc, popularized by the artist Yeat
I’m gonna take a Cranky Tonight before the festivities

Quit bugging me Latisha you know I gotta take a cranky before you start bitching at me

Also used as “Crank”

How could I cheat on you when I can’t even nut off a crank?
by Ratking616 February 8, 2022
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1) Referring to a boat that is liable to capsize
2) The sexual act of tossing salad when extremely angry or upset
-My boats been cranky lately so I won't sail it
-And right in the middle of the argument, Barry just flipped me over and gave me a wicked cranky
by Sam April 18, 2005
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