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When a situation, person, or object is disturbing or concerning, to the extent of suggesting impending or imminent danger. Increasingly common in professional/work settings, although not as commonly used in the mainstream as the variation applied to ghosts and creepy things.
1. "Walking under that crane while it's moving those huge metal storage containers is pretty spooky."
2. "I'm glad he gave up on trying to fight that spooky bouncer, man."
3. "I'm not going up that creaky, wobbly, spooky ladder again..."
by Stiffofdeth January 6, 2021
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A Hentai Anime based on a perverted Gynecologist that is hired to have sex with various nurses in a hospital in preparation for a 'special' ward: a brothel.

The series contains around 10 episodes, the last few being re-caps that look back at previous un-discovered events following the doctor's murder (in the form of criminal investigation and interrogations of the nurses).

It is often considered to be one of the most intense hentais, due to:

-The huge focus on scat, BDSM, and anal sex.
-The infamous 'egg scene', where numerous eggs are inserted into a nurses's vagina and later 'mashed' with the doctor's penis, then orgasm'd out.
-Water-bloating fetish.
-Human waste (scat) consumption fetish.
-The sharp transition between innocence to downright whore-like mentality of the nurses in short amounts of time.
-The focus on domination over once innocent, 'good' nurses.

It has been suggested from numerous sources that only a few viewers have finished the series without turning it off, due to disgust at some point.
"Man...I watched that hentai about the nurses you leant me, and I couldn't even finish my breakfast eggs this morning."

"Night Shift Nurses- isn't that the one really disturbing hentai everyone mentions?"
by Stiffofdeth November 29, 2007
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A humanoid fish creature from World of Warcraft that is extremely annoying for the following reasons:

-You can never fight just a single murloc.
-They chase you forever.
-They repeatedly scream 'BRAWLARWLLARLAWRL!" when they chase you.
-Almost all of them either cast or throw spears.
-They are in almost every beginning area...somewhere. Except for dun morogh and durotar (I think).
-They almost always wind up killing you at some point.
-They run like drunken collegues chasing after a naked sorority girl.
-They can keep up with your swimming.
-Out of all humanoids, they very commonly seem to dismount you quickly.
-They always drop fish oil, shiny fish scales, or murloc eyes; all are useless bag-space wasters unless you're an alchemist or shaman.

They are also the focus of an extremely annoying in-game fad that involves multiple users discussing murlocs and substituting their names into stories/movies/games/comics/etc. for hours (and sometimes days) on end. Examples:

-Dawn of the Murloc.
-Star Wars: The Murloc Strikes Back
-Big Murloc's House
-The Lord of the Murloc
-300 Murlocs
-Murloc Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
-The Legend of Murloc: The Ocarina of Time
-Murloc MD (a reference to the Fox show,'House MD')
-Night Shift Murlocs
-When Harry met Murloc
-Chasing Murloc
-Super Murloc Bros.
"Gar, damn those Murlocs! They always spawn on top of me!"

Tom: "Hey Bob, there's a chest ahead."
Bob: "Alright, lets go loot it."
*Tom and Bob are killed by 10 suddenly-spawned murlocs*
by Stiffofdeth November 30, 2007
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A current and temporary fixation on something. Typically does not last longer than a few weeks, or at most, months. May be a recurring interest, or a one-shot one. This can apply to a large number of things, including (but not limited to) comics, TV series, anime, manga, literature, historical events and characters, video games, art, celebrities, youtubers, academia, and sports.
Tom: I just realized I haven't watched any new anime in weeks. I've been on a Batman kick.

Jay: Welp, I guess for the next few weeks you'll be into Tokyo Ghoul...
by Stiffofdeth June 12, 2016
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1. In gaming, a griefer is a player who actively attempts to ruin the fun/progress/leisure of other players logged into the same game, often to the extent of the the person being griefed giving up on playing for a time. Especially true for player-vs-player (PvP) games.
2. In the context of general internet and message board posting, a griefer is someone whose goal is to start fights/arguments, relentlessly attacks certain posters and communities, etc. Generally speaking, the goal of the Internet griefer is to make other users’ virtual lives hell on earth.
“Tanya reported the griefers who had been camping her corpse in WoW for the last few hours, keeping her from enjoying the game.”

“The young griefer did everything he could to disrupt the peace in a football forum, especially in harassing younger members and starting controversial conversations just because.”
by Stiffofdeth March 10, 2020
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Anyone who has a powerful and, sometimes, uncontrollable desire or yearning for something. May be used in the same nature as "slut", "whore", "fiend", or "junkie", in the sense of someone who is crazy for something. However, usually "ghoul" labels the people with the more serious cases of lusting for something.

Common "ghoul" focuses are: sex, drugs, food, porn, alcohol, money, gambling, caffeine, spending, candy, etc...
"Look at that kid sucking down those chocolates. He is a candy ghoul."

"Beer...beer...BEER!" (think: Brains...Brains!)
by Stiffofdeth April 16, 2009
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When you haven't ejacated for so long that you're pent-up and cranky.
"My husband was so plugged up after recovering from surgery for the last 2 weeks, so I decided to give him the wifey hand special."
by Stiffofdeth October 20, 2017
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