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A humanoid fish creature from World of Warcraft that is extremely annoying for the following reasons:

-You can never fight just a single murloc.
-They chase you forever.
-They repeatedly scream 'BRAWLARWLLARLAWRL!" when they chase you.
-Almost all of them either cast or throw spears.
-They are in almost every beginning area...somewhere. Except for dun morogh and durotar (I think).
-They almost always wind up killing you at some point.
-They run like drunken collegues chasing after a naked sorority girl.
-They can keep up with your swimming.
-Out of all humanoids, they very commonly seem to dismount you quickly.
-They always drop fish oil, shiny fish scales, or murloc eyes; all are useless bag-space wasters unless you're an alchemist or shaman.

They are also the focus of an extremely annoying in-game fad that involves multiple users discussing murlocs and substituting their names into stories/movies/games/comics/etc. for hours (and sometimes days) on end. Examples:

-Dawn of the Murloc.
-Star Wars: The Murloc Strikes Back
-Big Murloc's House
-The Lord of the Murloc
-300 Murlocs
-Murloc Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
-The Legend of Murloc: The Ocarina of Time
-Murloc MD (a reference to the Fox show,'House MD')
-Night Shift Murlocs
-When Harry met Murloc
-Chasing Murloc
-Super Murloc Bros.
"Gar, damn those Murlocs! They always spawn on top of me!"

Tom: "Hey Bob, there's a chest ahead."
Bob: "Alright, lets go loot it."
*Tom and Bob are killed by 10 suddenly-spawned murlocs*
by Stiffofdeth November 30, 2007

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A recreational leaning drink- an alternative to illegal drugs in pure form- that is common in parties and originated in the south.

It generally consists of around two fluid ounces of promethazine/codeine cough syrup, 8 or more ounces of lemon-lime soda (Sprite, Sierra Mist, 7up, Mountain Dew, Fresca, etc), and jolly ranchers for flavor. It is called 'purple drank' for a) the purple color that the dye in the syrup gives it, and b) the southern pronunciation of the word 'drink'.

It was created around the time when chopped & screwed rap music hit the scene, where the drink went well with the music considering it induced a similar 'slow' and 'leaning' feeling in the consumer. The beverage until recently, however, did not become popular on a wider scale, and originally was almost completely limited and known (for that matter) to the southern regions of the USA.

Purple drank has more street names, the most popular being Lean and Sizzurp.
"Mike Jones keeps purple drank in his cup."

"Dude, that drank got me leanin' last night."

"That drank tastes like shit, but feels like sex."
by Stiffofdeth November 28, 2007

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An annoying-as-frack application used in the form of advertisement on numerous websites. A rather recent phenomenon, it advertises the basic feature of simplifying and altering the hues and pixels in an image to give humans/animals/objects a "cartoonish" look. It's actually really easy to do yourself via photoshop.
Bill: "Hey Frank, guess what?"
Frank: "What? Can't you see I'm playing Modern Warfare 2?"
Bill: "Yeah, but did you know you can use this free online program to make a cartoon picture of yourself? It's called "Cartoonize Yourself" and is so cool!"
Frank: "LOL I'm a graphic designer, I can do that in fifteen seconds on Photoshop."

Bill: "Wow, I suck. I'm gonna go eat my lawn now."
by Stiffofdeth January 29, 2010

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A playable Alliance race added to World of Warcraft with the release of the Burning Crusade expansion pack.

In the lore, they were purged from their homeworld of Draenor by the Burning Legion, and again from Outlands by the orcs (once their allies) that eventually became corrupt by fel magics of the Legion. In a desperate attempt to survive and combat the Legion, they took control of a portion of the Tempest Keep, using it as a spacecraft to settle on another new planet.

This planet was earth, and with a crash-landing on the Kalimadorian Azuremyst Isle, they quicky settled and sought relations with the Alliance. In no time, they became a new part of it, and began taking steps to re-establish their civilization and combat the Legion.

The Draenei race is an enlightened one- like the many generations of Humans, High-Elves, etc., a major focus of theirs is the Holy Light and, as a newer concept, the Naaru (which is a race of god-like entities that supposedly create the Light). Many years prior to their purging from Draenor, the Naaru made a pact with the Draenei to unite them with the many enlightened races of the universe to form the Army of Light, which would bring down the Legion and all related darkness.

The races available to Draenei are: Warrior, Paladin, Shaman, Mage, Hunter, and Priest. The Draenei are the first of the Alliance that can practice shamanism, although that this practice is often reputed by the other races (save for the Night-Elves and Gnomes, who haven't indicated a particular view).

And their females are smexy :}
"Draenei of any class can use Gift of the Naru."

"Hey Clark, you see Kevin's Draenei Shaman? It's already level 35, and the expansion came out just two days ago!"
by Stiffofdeth November 28, 2007

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A Hentai Anime based on a perverted Gynecologist that is hired to have sex with various nurses in a hospital in preparation for a 'special' ward: a brothel.

The series contains around 10 episodes, the last few being re-caps that look back at previous un-discovered events following the doctor's murder (in the form of criminal investigation and interrogations of the nurses).

It is often considered to be one of the most intense hentais, due to:

-The huge focus on scat, BDSM, and anal sex.
-The infamous 'egg scene', where numerous eggs are inserted into a nurses's vagina and later 'mashed' with the doctor's penis, then orgasm'd out.
-Water-bloating fetish.
-Human waste (scat) consumption fetish.
-The sharp transition between innocence to downright whore-like mentality of the nurses in short amounts of time.
-The focus on domination over once innocent, 'good' nurses.

It has been suggested from numerous sources that only a few viewers have finished the series without turning it off, due to disgust at some point.
"Man...I watched that hentai about the nurses you leant me, and I couldn't even finish my breakfast eggs this morning."

"Night Shift Nurses- isn't that the one really disturbing hentai everyone mentions?"
by Stiffofdeth November 28, 2007

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An onomatopoeia often used in manga for when someone with large breasts walks up to (or past) a male character.
In "Higurashi: When They Cry" vol. 1, page 41, the sound effect is portrayed when Mion walks past the main character.

Busty character walks by "badum".
by Stiffofdeth June 06, 2009

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A spoiled Mexican-American brat who's somehow famous for her hair flip and mediocre body featuring little more than an equally flat chest and ass.
Dave: Dude, Ariana Grande is so sexy!
James: Really? She looks like a 13 year-old.
Dave: Oh damn! I never thought of that!
by Stiffofdeth February 14, 2017

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