6 definitions by BigBodyTyrone

(1. Adjective) A wimpy male who complains a lot.

(2. Noun) An unusually feminine ass on a male
-Bob: “I don’t want to go there, it’s scary when it’s dark” He said trembling.
-Fred: “God, you’re being such a bitch ass, just do it.” He said as he patted him on the back.

-Cecil: “Damn, that new white kid’s got a thick ass. I thought he was a chick! You thinking what I’m thinking?” He said in the juvenile prison cafeteria.
-Dax: “Bro, I’ll hold his arms, he’s easy pray. We’re gonna get his bitch ass right here in front of everyone.” He said as he grabbed the boy’s voluptuous butt
-Kendrick: “Yo, you gotta let me and my boys hit that too!” He said as a crowd of men stood behind Dax and Cecil
by BigBodyTyrone August 25, 2021
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Definition 1: When a man makes another typically more feminine man pregnant.

Definition 2: In prison, when a male is impregnated by a group of other men.
Boy: “Did you see Tyler? He’s pregnant! His butt baby’s due any day now. I think Tommy’s the father.”

Girl: “What? I thought Tyler was a girl...”

Tyrone: “You know Terry? Dax and I somehow got his bitch ass pregnant in the showers when he dropped the soap! He’s about to have our butt baby!”

Juan: “Ay! Terry’s my bitch homes, you owe me! Also, how is that even possible, he ain’t a chick.”
by BigBodyTyrone August 25, 2021
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When every hole in a persons body is being fucked all at once.
Boy: “What’s going on Stacy?”

Girl: “Ugh, I feel awful. I had my science group in my dorm last night and I got all plugged up. I might be pregnant. God, I feel so full.”
by BigBodyTyrone August 25, 2021
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The submissive and feminine male who receives sex from the inmates.

A male in prison who’s feminine body is used as a fuck doll. Usually, he will be used as currency and claimed among the cell mates.
Cellmate Tyrone: “Yo, check out that white nigga’s ass! He’s got a big booty, and he’s so weak! Easy pray man!”

Cellmate Juan: “He’s my cell mate homes, I’ll hold him down at night and you come over and turn his ass out.”

Cellmate Jayden: “We can all get some of that, he’ll be everyone in Cell block-C’s prison bitch.”

“There’s a new sissy in Cell Block-A, I call his ass.”

“Yo, I get him when you’re done!”

“I’ll Pimp his ass out, he’ll be the new prison bitch.”
by BigBodyTyrone August 25, 2021
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The person in the male prisons who receives anal rape.
"Bend over bitch I'm gonna fuck you into the dirt."
"Please don't I don't wanna-"
"Bend the fuck over bitch!"

"This is why they call you the prison punk, bitch."
"Ayy I get her when you're done!"
"I get her after him!"
"Don't worry y'all, she's everybody's once I'm done with her."
by BigBodyTyrone August 25, 2021
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When you eat too much that you can’t contain what’s inside your belly.

When your stomach explodes.
Boyfriend: “Wow, you ate so much. Look at the size of your stomach!”

Girlfriend: “Ooooh-*BURP* Babe, take me to the doctor, I think I’m gonna blow!”
by BigBodyTyrone August 25, 2021
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