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<i>This vegan chocolate cake is the tomb ride, man.</i>
by mala April 23, 2004
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croatia is so much better, the serbs have nothing that the croatians don't already have!
why are ppl askin why are the serbs hated?! when croatia tried to claim independence after slovenia did, the serbs didn't want this so they brought upon war instead of letting them go freely as slovenia had done! So they started killing croatians instead! Now if croatia is such a shithole then why didn't serbia just let it go and stand on its own two feet?!
by mala April 4, 2005
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why do you have to be so fucking racist you stupid fucking "proud illyrian" where the fuck is illyria now any way! you dumb shit its now called dalmatia and unless you realized the greeks don't fucking run it any more! they only did thousands of years ago!
whats wrong with you?! are you jealous becuase croatia is no longer illyrian and hasn't been for thousands of years?!
by mala April 5, 2005
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verb: to get angry and vocal about it.
<i>Oooh, if he does that one more time, I'm gonna go straight street on his ass."</i>
by mala April 23, 2004
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ellie is such a local”
by mala February 20, 2019
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