Feelings of lust and desire that you can't get off your mind. You don't have to be horny when you are pent-up, but most of the time that's how it goes.
I am so pent-up because I haven't got to spend time with my girlfriend in two weeks.
by Diethyl ether February 18, 2020
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Repressed or inhibited.
Due to his sheltered life under his parents' protection, he was very pent-up in the way of romance.
by Inspector Rasha May 5, 2006
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Not cumming for 7 days to increase testosterone levels for a physical advantage
I’m tryna get pent up this week for a huge lift Saturday
by Papí Dre March 30, 2021
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when a guy has a boner he is pent up
boy: i'm soo pent up after see my girl friend
by stephanie_rocks May 15, 2010
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Sara had a lot of pent up energy because she wasn't getting any from Max.
by AJ Quick May 23, 2006
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when some is sexually frustrated because that haven't gotten any action in a while. And nobody's tryna give em some.
"idk doc, I've been having alot of 'pent up frustration'.."

"So your horny?"

by ボセビー May 22, 2020
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When you haven't had sex in an incredibly long time or are a virgin that desperately wants to bone and your sexual desire is so fuckin high that you feel like your dick/pussy is gonna explode
Damn man I haven't had sex since 2009, I've got so much pent up sexual energy
by OPP555 May 29, 2017
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