Mostly used in Florida...used in a sentence to replace da word "bitch" so it wont sound so bad when you use it...
Wut then bihh!

Fuck you bihh!

Dat bihh green as fuk!
by Jahmel September 21, 2006
an incorrect pronunciation of the word "big." means bigger than big.
Doyle: I'm not bihh for my age!
Us: stfu doyle
by Roosale September 29, 2007
Word replacing curse word and such, to make the sentence sound funnier.
To day i BIHHed so hard my toilet broke.
by BIYH February 21, 2019
When you are done with someone's shii
A girl sucked a guys dick

The girl why did you call me a hoe

Boy bihh bye 😂✌
by Amosc:Fmlskylar2001 February 25, 2017
a thing people say to try to be ghetto. shut the fuck up, you're not ghetto
James: nah bihh
me: shut the fuck up you white-ass motherfucker, you're not ghetto
by SweetDoggyM February 21, 2016