"Then she finished me off with her hand, what a bz"
by nwiley September 9, 2007
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the sort form of busy
jeff: hey joe wazzup
randy: um a bit bz here dude..so i'll catch ya later
by torrent.. July 6, 2009
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1. used to describe any male who is not man enough to get pussy from his extremely hot girlfriend..this male would rather just play madden and try to act cool insted of fucking

2. used to describe any male that is a whiney little bitch and needs his ass wooped
"dude you didnt hit it?? hahaha ok bz!"

"you wanna run your mouth a lil more bz? ill kick your ass!"
by alyssa r January 24, 2007
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Stephanie Stoneasaurus, my bz
by Angus T May 7, 2008
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Short for Bozo, another person trying to occupy the same physical space that I am trying to occupy at the same time.
First used by downhill skiers and polite taxi drivers. Inspired by TV police dispatcher command to "See the citizen at 1st and main", substituting the real thought.
That BZ just cut me off!
by Cable Hills March 19, 2007
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Not a drug : a weapon, this incapacitating
agent is not exactly what most people would
find recreational. We're talkin' three days before you realize you forgot to wipe your ass, much less put on any pants.I've seen things in the course of keeping the world safe for McDonald's,this stuff's like insectacide,you fly over and deploy and on the fly by the people on the ground are all layin' on their backs kickin'. Still some in stock,don't let 'em fool 'ya.
Also: anything which is effective to the point of overkill.
"Yar, that was BZ."
by Craig Ball June 10, 2003
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