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A colloquial term to describe the music that evolved from Nu NRG (UK Hard House)using the cheesiest elements of Progressive House, horrendously abused hoover sounds, and inane off-beat basslines. Or just anything off of the Tidy Trax label.
Tidy Trax mainly produces "Stupid" House.
by Kade March 18, 2005

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In Science Fiction, a "Platform" is usually considered a planetary orbital facility of some kind.
Sean One, Leader of the Free Orbital Platform movement.
by Kade January 29, 2005

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A dive, a Hole in the Wall, a brick-and-mortar place that isn't quite clean and usually supplies greasy fried food.
Charlie's, on Interstate 30 and 820 in Fort Worth is a hoboshack, but the italian food there is ok.
by Kade December 06, 2004

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European Gabber. Invariably more cheesy than the North American counterpart. The beat is slower and more distorted, and it likes to employ anthem hoovers. Rotterdam was actually the first music genre to use hoovers. See also: gabber
Masochist - Killing Scum can be considered Rotterdam-style Gabber.
by Kade March 18, 2005

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Gabber is the North American variety of the same genre of music. Has a fast, thick beat. Scary synths, angry lyrics, and is great music for releasing pent-up frustration. Sometimes confused with rotterdam.
Omar Santana's Bonebastic can be considered Gabber.
by Kade March 18, 2005

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