Legendary electronic music producers Paul and Phil Hartnoll.
Halcyon is one of Orbital's most celebrated tracks.
by Matt Gillies August 1, 2003
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Producer of some of the best techno/electronica music I have ever heard. This guy apparently tries to make the music as non-repetitive as possible, which is a rarity for the techno music genre.
A couple of Orbital's songs were used in the original Mortal Kombat movie, which is still the only videogame-based movie that is actually good.
by sarcastic July 10, 2004
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An attractive girl who shrugs a phat ass in the sense that it's mass alone attracts lonely Ass-teroids swinging them into an orbit around her.
That Shauna bitch be real orbital, you see all those lonely square ass-teroids circlin' her like a hawk.
by mattyT April 13, 2007
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An activity or thing that is so bad that one wants to stop but cannot because they are drawn to it.
The game is so orbital. I want to stop but I cant
by JSeveredFayth March 15, 2010
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When a rimjob is performed on another person while the giver is holding the reciever upside odwn by the ankles.
"Thats why I only date tiny women-WAAAY easier to perform the orbital and not cramp up."
by el jefe December 10, 2003
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A guy that wants to sleep with his female friend.

He "orbits" her (hangs out with in a needy way) in the hopes of getting sex someday.

If the girl is hot, she usually has many orbiters.

Go open that hot chick. Don't worry about the guy, he isn't her boyfriend, he's just one of her orbiters.
by bladelaw January 3, 2006
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A guy who secretly loves his female 'friend', and may go out of his way to accommodate her (couch-mover). Either the guy was shot-down early on and was placed in the friend-zone, or he never had the balls to ask her out and inadvertently placed himself in the friend-zone.
Peter wasn't actually a real friend, he was just another orbiter of yours. That's why he was being an ass to your new boyfriend.

Peter is such an orbiter. Look, he's moving a his hot friend's couch on his back!
by djsynq September 10, 2009
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