zombie-like trance which happens when you can not turn away while watching one of the recent train wreck reality shows.
What's wrong with Mom? Oh she's ok. She's just pixelated from watching the Real Housewives of New York marathan recap.
by rankled May 23, 2009
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incredibly tired; buggered; zoned out; wrecked; fuzzy; blurry vision;
i was up all nite, and today im so damn pixelated...
by kahtea April 28, 2005
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the most addicting game ever for blackberry's!
ben deserves a gold medal in pixelated because he always won in 17 moves
by 112293 July 09, 2010
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A "Pixelation" is an idiot online who won't shut the fuck up in a discord server (or other online group). And Frequently breaks rules and is hated by everybody. They're the type of person to make a grooming joke to a grooming victim and then complain they got banned.
by Ignignokt3 December 04, 2020
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Pixelation happens when an image displayed on a monitor (TV, VGA, LCD, etc...) is stretched beyond its intended resolution, this causes the individual pixels themselves to be enlarged, making the image look blocky and generally bad.
I got this porn MPG on my computer, it was 320x240 so when I put it in full screen, it got so pixelated I couldn't see it well enough to get hard.
by sextypething November 25, 2003
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a pixel is the thing you see on your screen right now, they are very small pixels so you dont see them.
Back in the day, pixels were big and you would see them very good. (an example is old mario)
Holy shit! That's a big pixel!
by zPixel January 04, 2021
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