a pixel is the thing you see on your screen right now, they are very small pixels so you dont see them.
Back in the day, pixels were big and you would see them very good. (an example is old mario)
Holy shit! That's a big pixel!
by zPixel January 4, 2021
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A Video Game Graphics Style That Was Used In Games Like Pac-man, Kirby, Mario, And Alot Of Other Old School Games
Guy 1: Hey, Look At My Pixel Art
Guy 2: Cool!
by a guy that likes urban June 6, 2015
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A generic term for a female who falls within the late teens to twenty-something age range and therefore cannot be comfortably described as a girl, nor a woman.

Often used to avoid such words as: bird, chick, babe, lady, or young woman.
Did you see that pixel? She was adequately attractive.
by bluecomplex March 1, 2010
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A beautiful girl who is loved by a lot of people.
Pixel Fairy looks after the birthdays in the Cause
by Dingy July 2, 2004
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A digital square of hue that is quite sexy when they are in a large quanity of groups, like my mate on Furcadia, Zilanthia having the finest pixels around.
Zilly <3 Zyphie
by Zyphon January 31, 2004
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white skinny gorgeous and amazing drug. Most expensive addicting drug in the history of man kind. Impossible to have a bad trip off of this one.
I did a fat rail of pixel and got aaaaaaaaalll fucked up
by banana butt May 13, 2008
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Pixel sat on the couch when the dog vomited on the carpet.
by David Zimmerman December 6, 2003
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