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The act of knowingly and consistently using your Facebook wall to list all your supposed accomplishments and embellish your fabulosity quotient.

Can also apply to all mediums of modern internet communication. (Examples: space-brag (MySpace), tweet-brag (Twitter), etc.
Sadly, I had to delete Marsha from my list of friends on Facebook.

Why? I heard she's living "la vida loca".

Are you kidding me? She's a deli girl at Meier's. Her constant face-brag is unbelievably annoying!
by rankled July 17, 2009

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zombie-like trance which happens when you can not turn away while watching one of the recent train wreck reality shows.
What's wrong with Mom? Oh she's ok. She's just pixelated from watching the Real Housewives of New York marathan recap.
by rankled May 23, 2009

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