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A Calendar is a thing were you can write down what you have to do like go shopping or if you are going to a party or something, I don't know.

It will help you remember what to do everyday so in my opinion
get a calendar!
1. "Nichole, aren't you going to write that down in your calendar?"

2. "I need a new calendar because the year is over!"

3. "I almost forgot what I had to do but I just looked at my calendar and I knew!"
by Sarahfram June 26, 2007
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Useless pieces of paper. Whoever buys them shouldn't. Just get a digital watch.
Also, they're supposed to tell you the date. You should already know the date.
Never buy them. They are a waste of money.
Calendars are bad.
by Shroomdom January 07, 2020
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