If some thing does another thing well enough.
You finished your practice adequately, now go do your homework.
by Ambassador Pineapple April 24, 2018
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Average, nothing special. Something that just wasn't memorable.
man that movie was adequate, im forgetting it already.
by knoebber April 10, 2009
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Damn! Your new car is so adequate!
Did you catch that totally adequate game last night?
by SRJ July 19, 2006
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Some of you will never know what this word means.
Hym "At what point do you think they will have been adequately provoked?"

Iam "I don't know..."

Hym "Is it that our provocation is less than adequate?"

Iam "Who's to say?"

Hym "Only they..."

Iam "Heh..."

Hym "Hahaha...."

Iam "Hey, at least the horde isn't at our doorstep. Yet. 🤷 ♂️ Maybe our little endeavor was ill advised..."

Hym "No... It feeds (dispassionately) on so many others... With it's insatiable hunger... And it's lack of remorse... But it never sees its own reflection..."

Iam "Is that what it's all about? 'Showing the beast it's own reflection'?"

Hym "If it wasn't initially; it is now."
by Hym Iam April 13, 2022
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Damn! Your new car is so adequate!
Did you catch that totally adequate game last night?
by SRJ July 18, 2006
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A phrase that is used to note the sufficiency of something or someone. Most often, the phrase is a spoken as a sentence of its own, with neither words leading up to it nor following it.
Also can be used as an adjective synonymous to 'average', or to express mild satisfaction or approval. It can also be used to ironically express a great magnitude of satisfaction or approval. In such instances, the word 'some' precedes the phrase.

More accurately, it can be used as the English version of the French phrase, "comme ci comme ça". Of course, it does not translate to that (it translates to 'so-so'), but it may as well.

Despite the phrase's lewd etymology, it is rarely used to describe breasts.
Student 1: "I got a C- on my Calculus quiz!"
Student 2: "Some adequate tittage."

*a man hears the robust sound of an engine's roar*
Man: "Adequate tittage."

Person 1: "Remember when Family Guy was funny? 'Cause I don't."
Person 2: "Adequate tittage."
Person 1: "Are you talking about my joke or the show?"
Person 2: "Sorry, did you say something? I was just talking about your sister."
by bonedryhumorous January 4, 2012
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When a man dicks down a woman real proper like.
I just gave this hoe an adequate fuck and she still wants my number.
by Omarion88 July 23, 2017
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