A lowtech Stock Trader. Someone who resembles a middle age steve jobs in appearance. a slang term for a dew wop.
That dude thinks hes gonna stay home and be a piv

those tiny glasses make that skinny guinnea look like a piv.

steve jobs cofounder of apple looks like a dew wop piv.

dale gribble looks like a dew wop piv.
by airman cowdown 3rd class November 17, 2007
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1. A person that acts like he's better than Khain when he obviously isn't

2. Someone who is of less value than Khain
Khain is by far > than piv
by Not-Khain August 02, 2004
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penis in vagina sex (TLA/three letter acronym)
It can be used as a verb as well as an adjective
Verb- "I don't feel like PIVving tonight."
Adjective- "We had PIV sex for the first time last night."
by mistress March 29, 2005
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(adjective) |pɪv| Based upon the physics equation - Power = Current x Voltage (P=IV) - the term "piv" has evolved from this equation to be defined as a person who acts irrationally, behaves like a dog, and lacks countless social skills which causes this person to become ill-mannered in all social situations.

(Correlation between the equation and the term piv has no correlation in meaning, however the phonetic pronunciation is derived from this equation)
" Logan: (talking to his camera) Hey guys! Welcome to a new video, today we're gonna be tasering some dead rats so stay tuned also buy my merch-

Man: (pauses video) This guy is an absolute piv. "
by brainchildren February 15, 2018
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Stands for "Person Important Very". Nothing naughty!

It's a highly elite club you have to spend £1000 a month for. Just don't go advertising it in an actual casino or you'll get kicked out with taco laugh inducingly hilarious results.
"Join the PIV!"
by Lefty Power 123 October 13, 2021
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