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I have only had PIV sex with her so far.
by axewound July 22, 2004
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Oh youโ€™re just being alive? Iโ€™m horny too
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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penis in vagina sex (TLA/three letter acronym)
It can be used as a verb as well as an adjective
Verb- "I don't feel like PIVving tonight."
Adjective- "We had PIV sex for the first time last night."
by mistress March 29, 2005
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(adjective) |pษชv| Based upon the physics equation - Power = Current x Voltage (P=IV) - the term "piv" has evolved from this equation to be defined as a person who acts irrationally, behaves like a dog, and lacks countless social skills which causes this person to become ill-mannered in all social situations.

(Correlation between the equation and the term piv has no correlation in meaning, however the phonetic pronunciation is derived from this equation)
" Logan: (talking to his camera) Hey guys! Welcome to a new video, today we're gonna be tasering some dead rats so stay tuned also buy my merch-

Man: (pauses video) This guy is an absolute piv. "
by brainchildren February 15, 2018
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Acronym pronounced pee-eye-vee. It stands for Penis in Vagina but when used in the form of an acronym, it is much like saying cool or awesome. Use it sparingly and only when the situation is the best of the best possible situations.

It was coined in 2003 by human sexuality guru, Kidder Kaper of the "Sex is Fun!" radio show.
Hot tubbing with naked chicks is PiV.
I won a PiV Porche in the lotto.
That threesome was PiV.

by Coochie Sax May 14, 2006
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A sexy meerkat from the island of Horslunde. One lucky enough to find this mythical female in her natural habitat will witness untold splendors--the stuff of legends. Her mesmerizing gaze is stunning and can catch even the greatest of hunters off-guard. She is naturally very difficult to catch, as her well-traveled feet move quickly around the world (and the dance floor). Only through a combination of serendipity and pure devotion can one hope to approach her. According to those fortunate few who have seen her, to know her is to love her, and with a single look you too will fall in love. This is because her heart is made of pure gold, thus making this creature the most adorable meerkat known to man--and woman.
Have you ever seen anything so amazing as Piv?
by keilschrifter October 15, 2014
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