It's simple, just a male's reproductive organ in a female's reproductive system. Usually used when someone lacks the ability to form a sentence with proper grammar. It can be used as another way to ask for sex.
Caveman: AAA AAA OOO penis in vagina sex sex sex aug aug aug OOO!
Cavewomen: (high pitched demonic scream in glee.)
(so much sex happens that day oh my god please stop having sex ooooh!)
by MinecraftYOLOswagmaster May 13, 2020
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1. how to count in 7/8 time in music

2. an orgie with 2 guys and one girl
1. "Hey, how do you count in 7/8?" "Bro its easy, pe-nis pe-nis va-gin-a" (1-2 1-2 1-2-3)

2. "I would much rather have a penis vagina vagina than a penis penis vagina."
by MRxDRC January 13, 2011
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The perfect ship of 2 objects, also what happens when you fuck
(Person): Hey there, wana go Penis X Vagina?
(another Person): Sure!
by October 22, 2020
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Something obvious or something that everyone knows about.

It's called penis in the vagina because everyone knows about sex.
Guy to his friend: 8 times 9 is 72? Really?

Guy's friend: Wow. Penis in the vagina, dumbass.
by XoXo_ December 10, 2010
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A Penis-Vagina-Cock (or P.V.C. for short) is a mythical creature that is half penis, half vagina and all rooster. This beast is the result of an unfortunate combination of man, woman, and cock. Closely related to the Basilisk, the Penis-Vagina-Cock has been rumored to hunt down and rape these creatures.
Nathaniel: Holy crap Bob! Is that a cock with a penis and a vagina?!

Bob: Yep. That's just one of those Penis-Vagina-Cocks I was telling you about. I've been breeding them in my spare time. Sexy creatures, aren't they?

Nathaniel: Oooh yeah...
by Bobert Giuski January 21, 2008
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The common use of sexual activity in a heterosexual relationship. The male penis is inserted into the female vagina and good times are had. Not to be confused with penis-anus-sex.
I'm sorry to cut our conversation short but my wife and myself are going upstairs for some penis-vagina-sex. I'll talk more of my business proposal in the morning.
by Jack Diddly Squat December 8, 2003
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