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When you're doing an activity (such as packing, moving or redecorating) that involves many bags, boxes, and stuff being stacked precariously on top of each other, or an overloaded case that is top-heavy and unstable. After some battling with the cases, boxes, bags etc., it appears to finally be stable, so you leave it. As SOON as you move away from it, you see and/or hear the contents or the whole container ever so slowly slipping. And you have about 5 seconds to grab it before EVERYTHING comes crashing down. The part where you slowly hear it slipping little by little is the slipsies.

Added bonus when you do catch it, get it stable again, and then you hear the slipsies occuring AGAIN.
Puff pant, phew I can't believe I managed to get 35 items into that one bag! Time for a fat one. (Looks away for 1 second, hears a slow rustling, looks back and sees the bag starting to deform more and more on one side).
by Lefty Power 123 March 24, 2017
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A heavily-distorted unknown song, thought to originate from the 90s, that is supposedly recorded from a heavily damaged cassette tape. The origins are totally unknown, and are possibly just a recording of a local band jamming. The sound is far too distorted to make out any lyrics. The highly distorted sound, frequent glitches and mystery around the song make listening to the recording an incredibly creepy and unpleasant experience.
The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet: I am the most mysterious song on the Internet!
Lostwave August 2019: Am I a joke to you?
by Lefty Power 123 March 11, 2021
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People who take pictures of themselves smoking a cigarette and posting it on social media with the sole intent of trying to look badass. Typical comment chains of smoke selfies play out like this:

Friend: What's that in your hand?
Uploader: A cigarette. I'm so frickin' badass.
Friend: Naughty naughty does your mother know?
Joe has uploaded yet another smoke selfie. That's his 5th one this week!
by Lefty Power 123 March 29, 2016
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Someone that's so much of a slut or a slag that neither word alone cuts it - so they're a Slagslut. Can also be used to ironically describe a 19+ year old virgin. Also a generic insult, typically for if someone ignores (pies) you on Messenger. Not gender-specific: can be used by all genders towards all genders.
1 Literal Use: He slept with 13 women last night. What a god-damn slagslut.

2 Generic insult: How dare you eat my cake you slagslut!


4 Ironically: He's a virgin at 23. What a slagslut.
by Lefty Power 123 September 1, 2018
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A word an incel uses to describe someone that gets regular sex, or has no problem getting laid at clubs, or is in a happy relationship with a significant other. Usually used bitterly by 20+ year old virgins, whose friends (if they have any) all have significant others. Also often used in various incel societies (such as the ForeverAlone subreddit).

Since they are incels, they believe they cannot get laid for the life of them, meanwhile everyone they know or see seems to be in a relationship, so incels often have the "Me vs. Normies (the world)" mentality.
26-year-old kissless virgin: Ugh I hate going to the store. I have to witness all the normies kissing their significant others.
28-year-old kissless virgin: All my 2 friends are normies and they don't understand how hard it is to be a kissless virgin at my age and they'll never understand cuz they're normies!
by Lefty Power 123 February 23, 2018
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When an individual, who has always thought or assumed they're straight, suddenly develops a huge crush on someone of the same gender. This makes the individual wonder if they are actually bisexual, rather than straight. As the same-sex crushes persist (as well as opposite-sex crushes), they realize in time that they have had their bisexual awakening, and are indeed a bisexual.
"It's weird... I've always only ever liked girls... but now I have the biggest crush on Matt! I want him, I want nobody but him! I've never felt this way before!! I... think I've had my bisexual awakening!!"
by Lefty Power 123 May 1, 2020
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A small frog-shaped chocolate bar introduced to the United Kingdom in the 1990s.

This chocolate bar famously taught kids everything they need to know about inflation. Anyone born before 2000 may just about recall Freddos always cost 10p. The price was displayed brightly in big letters on the package. You'd always see them in the sweet section of any shop and try and find a loose 10p in your pocket to get your hands on 15 grams of chocolate.

But then all of a sudden, that big bold "10p" suddenly displayed "12p". And then it was 15p. Then 17p. Then 20p. 25p! 30p! Every time that big bold number increased, a part of your soul died and there was mass hysteria all over the internet.

What gives?! Has the chocolate mine started to run out of chocolate? Have aliens come to Earth and started stealing all the Freddos and they're in short supply?

Nope, you were just experiencing inflation. Through a tiny chocolate bar.
Kid: Daddy what does inflation mean?
Dad: You know how Freddo bars used to be 10p, then they went up to 12p, then 15p, then 17p, then 20p, then 25p, then 30p?
Kid: Ah I get it now.
by Lefty Power 123 March 26, 2021
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