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Cajun variation for whore, ho, or hoe. See "whore", "hoe", my last gf.
When I visited LSU, I gave the LD to this sorority heaux while her boyfriend went out to buy condoms.
by Al-BadDaddy November 16, 2017

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v. Lickin' and Dickin'. Providing oral sex followed by vaginal and/or anal intercourse to a man's sexual conquest.
Kathy was all about getting LD as long as her pussy was licked and dicked till she couldn't walk right.
by Al-BadDaddy November 16, 2017

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Skankenfrau - (noun, loosely German Origin)

1. Teutonic Term to describe a married woman who has enjoyed the company of a large number of men, like a panzer battalion, and looking for more. Synonymous with MILF or Soccer Mom
2. Also, Skankenfraulien single woman who enjoys being taken by a large number of men.
1. Skankenfrau Inga, our tour guide, took on the whole men's soccer team when we were visiting Germany.

2. We heard Shankenfrau Inga's daughter is also a Skankenfraulein, who can give her mother a run.
by Al-BadDaddy February 07, 2018

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Penis in vaginal intercourse or sex.
We got all retro this weekend and had PIV sex.
by Al-BadDaddy February 10, 2020

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Penis in Ass. The sexual act of sliding a penis into another persons ass.
After enjoying missionary, we made this spicy with some PIA.
by Al-BadDaddy February 10, 2020

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An explanation provided by any man because women aren't capable of providing it.
After hours of listening to Mary babble, I mansplained our sales pitch in a few minutes and everyone loved it.

LaToya struggled with her dinner order, so I mansplained it to the waiter.

The traffic cop was about throw a beat down on Tanya but I mansplained that she was in labor.
by Al-BadDaddy November 18, 2017

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