a shortened term used for the popular, highly caffinated soda "Mountain Dew"
"Hey bro, do me a favor and toss me a Dew"
by BROSKEW May 27, 2009
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A daily nap, similar to the Spanish 'siesta' but specifically done by British people who can't manage a full day awake.
"Player's gotta dew"

"I would go out tonight, but I'm exhausted from a long day of watching television as I haven't had my dew"

"Hour at the gym, an hour dew"
by Bezzzz June 22, 2012
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The result in the nether regions when a woman is severely turned on or reaches climax.
She was so turned on she made dew right there in her pants.

I love it when my girlfriend gets morning dew.
by hulstaph April 26, 2004
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A toxic green carbonated liquid containing copious amounts of sugar and caffeine.
by mikwat May 22, 2004
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At night when all the world is sleeping, fairies and pizies come out to play (seethumbalina); they can't use toilets.. because I mean, who has out door toilets small enough for a fairie to use?.. anyways, they miniture peterpan lovers take a leak on your lawn. Then you go outside and walk on it, you sick fuck!
Aw dude! Look at me spell my name in the grass with my dew!
by BruisesOnHerEgo June 1, 2005
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1. The cool stuff that comes out of the penis.

2. The compound liquid found in strip clubs and nude magazines.
1. "Hey look at that dew on Dude Nasty's face! I wonder what he was doin` last night."
2. "I bought these pants from a second hand store and they already had dew marks on them!"
by Dantina August 12, 2006
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"Man, its hot as Hades up in here. Somebody turn on that dew!"

"Yo dawg, I was sweatin' like a hog in that raggedy ride of yours. You need to get that dew fixed! Quick!"
by g-tight November 29, 2004
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