if your a boy and you say this to you gf then she will probably want to murder you...its kinda like saying love you but takes away meaning...its a thing GIRLS say to each other...not for boy use
Boy: Luv ya babe
Girl: *im gonna kill him if he says that to me again*
by honey12345 March 30, 2009
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An expression used mainly by girls to tell other girls/boys that they strongly care about them, but don't LIKE them like them.
ThisIsMyTerribleSN: hey, i gotta run
AnotherAwfulSN: aright, talk to ya later
ThisIsMyTerribleSN: luv ya!
by Baseball_rox_my_sox April 12, 2004
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some B.S. that guys say and they think they can say it all the time without guilt.BUT sometimes it can mean that they care for you and like you but they don't care enough to pay attention to you also see flirtationship
Don't say you love(in this case luv) me
unless it's true
because I might do something stupid
like believe you.

... girl:ok night
guy:night luv ya
girl: love you too
by bother me , I'll bite you June 24, 2005
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He's very gay and likes to suck cocks ( especially Jensen's )
He thinks he's so clever but he's actually fu**ing dumb
He came 20th in the 11+ and that's what he brags on about for the rest of his life.
He doesn't know that his real parents are actually Avinash and Aryan
Luvya Pawar. Your life's soo souuuuuuaaaaaarrrrrrrr
by Jensen The Gayboy March 06, 2018
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Thinks he's clever but actually dumb as f***.

Came 20th in the 11+ and drags on about that forever.

He;s very gay and likes to suck dick ( especially jensens )
luvya pawar your life is sooo sour
by andy yamada March 06, 2018
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