The best song off of Ariana Grande 6th studio album “positions”.
Kilo: yo! I was listening to positions last night and this really good song started playing-

Ray: oh! It must’ve been the song “ My hair”
by Skinnysisterhood101 January 7, 2021
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1. A strange, tangly mess that never looks presentable. It's favorite pastime is to annoy me and to look like a creature from beyond.
2. A thing on my head that requires constant grooming and attention, and straightening
1. Bob: Hey Susie. You look nice today.
Susie: Oh, thanks. I'd look even better if my hair was behaving.
2. Teenage Drama Queen: I hate my hair! It's so ugly, and never straightens the right way *tear*
by erinoh2010 May 17, 2010
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A female-only announcement meaning "I have to go for a piss". Only heard in the context of women from the NE of Britain.
Ooh give over will you, I've just got to go and wet me hair!
by Thaarg The Almighty October 1, 2004
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A call to action for a sexual act in which a man (or woman, though more rare and harder to pull off) ejaculates in their partner(s) hair, resulting in a nice, natural substitute for hair styling gel once it dries up. Difficult to get out after looking sleek all day, however.
by duccling January 3, 2020
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A typical excuse given when someone doesn’t want to attend a function but has no legitimate reason not to
Matt: Hey do you want to go to the crawfish boil on the 2nd?
Anyone Matt asks: Sorry Matt, I'll be busy washing my hair
by Faptastic Max April 22, 2015
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a heated device where you put your hair in between to hot plates and it makes them straight. the people using them either want to have straight hair, or look like asians.
straightening my hair will work perfectly for my asian halloween costume!
by Murry23 June 17, 2009
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