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one of the best friggin bands ever. founded in 1974 by Malcom and Angus Young. the bands first album was High Voltage. the band had a ton of lineup changes when they were first forming, but they got a stable one in 1975. it was Malcolm Young (rhythym guitar), Angus Young (lead guitarist), Phil Rudd (drums), Bon Scott (vocals), and Mark Evans (bass). Mark was fired in 1977, and replaced with Cliff Williams. Bon died from alcohol asphyxiation in early 1980. he was replaced by Brian Johnson later that year. Phil was fired in '83, after getting in a fist-fight with Malcolm. he was replaced by Simon Wright, who was then replaced by Chris Slade in 1989. Phil rejoined in '94. their name means "Alternate Current/Direct Current", and it was seen on the back of some appliance (some say a sewing machine, some say a vaccuum). it does not mean "Anti-Christ, Devil Child" they are NOT an anti-Christ band. Angus played guitar in a church as a kid, actually.
by Tommy F. September 3, 2005
a sleep-over prank. while your friend is sleeping, you poop into a sock, microwave it for about 8 seconds, then slap your friend in the face with it
"Don't even think about giving me a steaming richard while i'm sleeping"
by Tommy F. September 3, 2005
two of the biggest faggot-ass douchebags on the planet. i don't know they're names, (the douchebag and the fatass), but one of them (the fat one) i guess had some gay dream, and they're trying to start some fuckin religion about it, even though it's such bullshit. they're fans are retarded, and they're exploiting that, by telling their fans they'll go to some rip-off of Heaven, if they buy their albums. i think the fatass was just amazed he wasn't dreaming about twinkies, like he normally does. to all their fans: it was a fucking dream! they don't mean shit! i had a dream the other night that i met AC/DC, doesn't mean it was real! stop obsessing over these douchebags, and maybe you'll have more friends!
"insane clown posse go on howard stern sometimes, and people always call in to call them douchebags. not kidding"
by Tommy F. September 5, 2005
small boobs. another word for it is "mosquito bites"
"gross dude, she's got raisins"
by Tommy F. September 3, 2005
being famous for something not good
Charles Manson is infamous for killing a ton of people and starting a cult.
by Tommy F. September 8, 2005
"Chupa mi huevos, maricon!"

"Lick my balls, faggot!"
by Tommy F. September 3, 2005
a party where there's almost no girls
"how was nate's party last night"
"sucked, it was a friggin sausage fest"
by Tommy F. September 8, 2005