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this is said when a topic comes up in a conversation and you want to point out someone who needs to learn how to do it.
β€œJared needs to take notes on the way that guy is asking a girl out.”
by abirrrgale March 10, 2018
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To pay close attention, to recall for further study
When I'm spittin' you better take notes, dude.
by Dr. Foo May 08, 2008
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Take Note is The Catholic University of Americas acapella group. This is a co-ed group of students who are all awesome singers. Their repitoire consists of pop, alternative and soft-rock pieces. Their harmonies are incredible and this group has amazing talent. Did I mention every1 is really cute too? haha. Take Note is definately the new hott group on campus..,check em out!
"Holy Jesus...CUA's new acapella group, Take Note, is so bangin'!"
by Kim Clark October 05, 2007
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it’s like what me and my friend are saying instead of β€œperiod” because that shit is getting old.
me: That guy is so hot

my friend: oml ik
me: i’m gonna fuck him take note
by pseudosciences only September 27, 2019
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