this is said when a topic comes up in a conversation and you want to point out someone who needs to learn how to do it.
Jared needs to take notes on the way that guy is asking a girl out.”
by abirrrgale March 10, 2018
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To pay close attention, to recall for further study
When I'm spittin' you better take notes, dude.
by Dr. Foo May 8, 2008
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Take Note is The Catholic University of Americas acapella group. This is a co-ed group of students who are all awesome singers. Their repitoire consists of pop, alternative and soft-rock pieces. Their harmonies are incredible and this group has amazing talent. Did I mention every1 is really cute too? haha. Take Note is definately the new hott group on campus..,check em out!
"Holy Jesus...CUA's new acapella group, Take Note, is so bangin'!"
by Kim Clark October 6, 2007
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a word that is used to remind people to take note or complain about a certain incident that occured.
Ah take note ah, we are here in clementi mrt, ah wtf sia who piak piak already never dispose of condom properly?
by @windszx September 4, 2020
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A variation of the phrase Netflix and Chill, which refers to sexual actions. The name was inspired by a gif of Alvin and the chipmunks receiving oral sex which shows up when typing “relax and take notes” into the gif search of the popular communication app Discord.
Person 1: Hey, you wanna relax and take notes?
Person 2: Haha, sure.
by The GCC August 9, 2021
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Used in theatre, when a director is giving "notes" to the actors after a rehearsal or performance. Many people feel the need to defend their actions or get defensive when receiving criticism or correction. It is meant as a conversation stopper to avoid protracted arguments and to demonstrate the objectiviy needed to progress.
"Freddie, I know they mug like that on the West End, but here I need you to pull it in a little."

"Well, yes, but I was trying to convey a sense of urgency..."

"Freddie, pull it in."

"Yes, but I'd like to express myself fully..."

"Freddie. Pull it in."

"Yes, but..."

"Freddie. Take the note."
by Chris Rattray August 21, 2006
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To the average student, "note-taking" means "taking words" from one location and moving them to a different one.
The student completed his note-taking by paraphrasing what he found on-line and moving it onto his keynote presentation.
by hkrgirl January 26, 2018
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